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It’s All Propaganda


EP212 Dark Outpost, The Jessie Stand with Dave, Jeff and Cisco

A sad gathering of friends regarding the recent passing of Jessie’s son Josiah Czebotar in a car crash.  Both Dave Zublick and Jeff Shepard (Ramsperger) have been interviewing Jessie from early on (see my Team 6 article for more on these guys).  Similar to other hosts of video channels, they are reverent, expressing great love for Jessie, never doing any deep questioning of Jessie’s stories and attacking her critics with much disdain, never mustering up the wherewithal to name them under the guise of sending traffic their way. 

An example of this in the video is when Jeff referred to Larry Gaiters as “a certain Youtube personality” that was “slinging a lot of dirt at Jessie” and naming states around the country her kids live in.  What states would that be?  So far I have found no evidence of this in the Bishop’s online comments or in his videos or other video channels. This prompted Jeff to imply that Josiah may have been murdered. Then backed it off due to a lack of evidence. It was a timid attempt to frame Gaiters for this tragedy without naming him, yet it is quite apparent who Jeff is referring to.  Larry Gaiters has denied these allegations on Twitter.  

The charge that Larry Gaiters was doxing her kids is flimsy at best. Why do her Apologists not wonder why her children are not living with her?  Why would they spread out in different states?  But as has been recently discovered from a source in Oregon, many of Jessie’s children were living with families from a church there, and not spread here and yon.  I am not going into specifics in the event I am tagged as a doxer.  If more details are needed my email address is here.  So, if Larry Gaiters did mention that Jessie’s children were living around the country, he was in error.  A charge he has so far denied.

It has been pointed out and proven many times here in this blog that Jessie Czebotar is less than honest in dealings with the public.  She has bore many a false witness regarding the details of her life, other people and things, and much of her life story as told by her is vague and undocumented.  Her never ending fundraising is poorly documented with receipts never shown.  Some of her Bible teaching is unsound, such as her anointing the earth project.  One former member of her SOS Army said she had them out anointing oil on trees—the very thing the Druids do.  It’s a false doctrine because it is tackling a spiritual problem by using physical actions as if prayer and fasting is not enough.

But none of this matters to the Dave’s and Jeff’s that inhabit Jessie’s World.  They talk about her as if she is a holy saint going forth teaching profound new knowledge and doing good deeds for the downtrodden.  It’s sickening seeing these people fawning over her.  It is quite apparent there is something wrong here.  You don’t build a sound Christian ministry, or any endeavor in life on deceit.  

One thing is for certain, she is the goose that laid the golden egg.  Everybody that has her on their channels gets a big traffic boost.  But is the increase in income enough for people to cast aside their integrity and promote something that is untrue?

For Dave Zublick It Is All True Even When It Isn’t

Zublick with his rugged looks and gravelly voice is a hard take.  He comes off passive/aggressive.  His channel has the  weirdest titles for his videos.  Such as Amy Coney Barrett INDICTED; Demonic Entities Escaping FROM CERN!; Schiff's Execution: Cried LIKE A BABY; Report: Robert David Steele EXECUTED and so on. He apparently doesn’t mind being labeled an internet crackpot with such a wacky spread of conspiracy subjects.  I kind of admire him for that.  He’s not afraid of being labeled a flake and presses on regardless.  

He also doesn’t mind playing a Christian on the internet that has a passion for S&M and spanking.  He follows a bunch of them on Twitter and on Facebook he follows Jackee Butts whose motto is:  A WOMANS ASS IS CHEEKY AND SOFT, SO A MAN DOESN'T HURT HIS HAND.  The page features pictures of women getting spanked, some bare bottom and some not with Dave posting a few lurid comments.  See the link HERE or below.

This is one pattern I’ve seen with people that strongly support Jessie on video channels.  Most are slightly bent. Dave is into his own personal kink in a public way.  Why?  I guess you have to be this way in order to suborn a fraud this big with no end in sight.  

Since Dave Zublick doesn’t care a wit about the truth or reality, his admiration for Jessie knows no bounds. It’s hard to tell who is the biggest fawner—Dave or Jeff.  Jeff once referred to Jessie gleefully as “higher than the angels.”  Even though the Bible says we are lower than the angels while in the flesh.  Jessie beamed at the sweet words although she failed to correct him.  

However, Dave does go out on the limb when he says that he knew Jessie was telling the truth just by simply hearing her voice.  Fact-checking need not apply here!  Dave’s ears set the standards for truth and facts.  

Another strange thought of his, is that he notes that Jessie’s story remains the same.  “Not one detail has ever changed,” he remarked proudly.  A common refrain of his.

Well, it looks like his ears failed him.  Because Jessie has changed her story, and remarkably, on his show about a month apart.  It involves the death, or faked death of her training partner who seems to have survived anyway in later stories.  It starts out with a death in a house fire and the second account in a car fire.  It’s hard to believe that Zublick didn’t notice this discrepancy.  

What follows is the transcripts from the 2020 videos which are no longer available and now reside behind a paywall.

From May 29, 2020 Dave Zublick interview:

“Proctor is you know hauling me down the stairs and when she got the door open she literally basically threw me out thedoor onto you know it was like there was a porch with a few probably two or three steps and she throws me down those steps into the grass and as I get there I hear the sound of fire and I looked to my right and there’s my training partners house on fire and there’s fire trucks there there’s people in the neighborhood already gathered and I just went running for that house and I didn’t stop like I literally I got to the crowd and I started looking for him and his brother and I was asking you know some of the neighborhood kids and some of the other people like have you seen you know this person and they’re like no and all of a sudden I hear this pounding from the upstairs window and I I turned to look and there’s my training partner and he’s mouthing that he can’t get out and it was like this switch in me just flipped.

Then a short while later, from a June 5, 2020 Dave Zublick interview, Jessie changes the story of her training partner to death from a car gas tank fire:

“I reached out my hand as far as I could and touched my pinkie to his and I just remember you know my training partner he took this deep breath and then you know he started breathing just normal again and you know I had picked up that he literally was holding his breath not breathing because it was so graphic you know and so there’s just no words and then the next day you know after we left there we got in the cars and went home they gave him over to custody of him to his grandfather on so then he thoughts when he moved into the house that was about a block away from where I was and let me think what else with that the next day the news went out that there had been a severe accident that the gas tank had been hit of course and so all the bodies were burned and so we attended the funeral service of his mom and his dad and sister and for that…”

There are many more instances of this.  For example, in the video of Jessie at the Orlando retreat, she tells the story of the house fire, not the car fire.  Dave Zublick has no problem with this contradiction.  I find this a mystery. The mystery of the motivation that makes people ignore things like this. Zublick has to know this.

In reference to the training partner who dies in a fire only to be found again alive and well, Jessie never publicly mentions his name.  But since the fallout of the SOS Army, people are coming forward.  We know the name now.  

It’s Lucien Greaves.  The co-founder of the Satanic Temple.  The person Jessie claims to have never met in person.  

A Word On Cisco Wheeler

Cisco Wheeler, a true Illuminati whistle blower back in the 1990’s, was destitute and living in obscurity.  Jessie and VReyes found her, set up Go Fund Me and Patreon accounts and started promoting her and her book Behold The White Horse on video channels.  This greatly raised her awareness.  Jessie’s organization likes to help people that will help them.  Besides, they needed a photographer in the now debunked three girls photo.  The photograph that was taken in 1899 and published in 1901.  

This leads into the photo once again.  It’s a troubling issue for them and it never goes away.  I’ve written extensively about it and it’s more than just a picture because within it are multiple falsehoods.  It’s something Jessie won’t come clean about and when people fall away from her it involves a lot of issues and the picture is part of it. 

So the next tactic is to say Jessie was simply mistaken— she wasn’t lying, she actually believes it due to some type of trauma she experienced but not coming from MK-Ultra mind control.  After all, she has denied being trauma based mind control which would make her special indeed, since all SRA survivors are.  Cisco admits to false memories possibly being implanted in her due to her trauma mind control.  She says she was a sex kitten for famous men of power.  But was this real, or false memories?  

However, Dave and Jeff after much back and forth had a hard time making a connection for Jessie and the 1899 picture being a false memory.  Jeff implies that seeing 1,000 children killed in a month (33 kids a day) which Jessie claims to have witnessed, would be enough trauma “to lay a foundation” as he put it, for false memories, in this case the picture of the three girls.  Which is utter foolishness showing desperation regarding the picture and Jessie’s unwillingness to come clean in relation to it which entraps them in this endless cycle. This junket into amateur psychology is just an excuse.  She lied.


When it comes down to it, Dave and Jeff are the poor man’s version of propaganda.  They aim their slavish commentary  towards the hardcore Jessie followers, the true believers.  They look at no fault and bend over backwards to defend and attempt to explain the controversies. Try as they must, Dave and Jeff’s on running defense of Jessie is lacking in sound ideas to be convincing.  It might be for the true believers, but some people feel that something is off.  And it is.  With defenders such as Jeff, Dave, Carmen, George, Chantelle, etc, there to give Jessie a comfortable platform to abide free from her critics where she can tell her heroic tales to her admiring flock.

As Morpheous said to Neo, “Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”

When will people see it for themselves?



Jeff Shepherd was wrong stating that Josiah was Jessie’s oldest son.  He was not.  Jacob Czebotar Jr. is. 

David Zublick used to have a one eye symbol for his video channel but removed it once he jumped on the Jessie bandwagon.

Cisco Wheeler is an alias.  Her other names are Linda Johnson or Linda Anderson.  It is unknown which one, if any, is true.

Cisco’s GoFundMe is no longer available.  Her Patreon account, linked below, is still active.


Veronica Swift blogs at Lifting the Wool.  Despite bland prose, she is a thoughtful and intelligent writer even though her work in support of Jessie is uncritical and unquestioning.  Sort of the opposite of what I am doing, which is questioning the narrative and finding it wanting.  I offended her so she harshly criticized me on Twitter (bad researcher, bad writer, nothing but opinions) and openly speculated on ways to shut down my blog for slander.  The hell with free speech.  Once again, these Jessie drones never understand the definition of slander.  

Her article, Do Photographs Lie? is her foray into the 1899 picture controversy.  She digs deep but ultimately leaves the issue unreserved. She obviously can’t handle the truth—that Jessie lied to her.  Women like this have a love for Jessie Czebotar that borders on fanaticism.  They are unfazed by the fantastic stories they are being told or how nonsensical they can be.  It blinds their judgment.

I am not one to go about claiming effective Jessie supporters are paid trolls, such as they do us critics, but Veronica Swift comes the closest I have seen so far.  Still can’t tell for sure, so I dub her a true propagandist. She recants Jessie’s tales with no worry that she is publishing things that are untrue and capable of leading people astray.  One can read her tame recaps of Jessie’s life stories below.


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Was Aaron Swartz Killed By An MIT Satanic Child Porn Ring?


I recently saw the documentary on Aaron Swartz called, The Internet’s Own Boy.  Overall, a very comprehensive account of his life and work but it failed regarding major part of the narrative, such as Swartz being opposed to online child pornography and was an activist against it.  In fact, the MIT Media Lab was founded by Nicholas Negroponte, a procurer of children for sex/rape films and sex parties for the elites in government and business.  It has been speculated that the MIT servers were being used to funnel this illegal and immoral content.  

The film attempts to cover the central question regarding why the government went after Swartz so ruthlessly for downloading JSTOR scholarly journals at MIT for which he was not distributing or selling.  The film totally fails in this concern and concentrates instead on how flimsy the charges were and Swartz’s refusal to plea bargain.  The idea that he may have uncovered illegal content in the server closet at MIT is totally ignored. (And he might, considering how long the downloading times were, indicating images and video clips.)  Shameful, as this would help to explain why Federal prosecutors were so zealous in their desire to incarcerate Swartz.

Linked here is one of the best articles on Aaron Swartz and his courageous efforts to combat the trafficking and abuse of children by Yoichi Shimatsu from January of 2012 entitled, Was Aaron Swartz Killed By An MIT Satanic Child Porn Ring? The main thesis is that Swartz uncovered the porn traffic and sought to expose it.  Nothing covers this story better than Shimatsu’s article and all concerned with this issue should read it.


Monday, September 13, 2021

The Bishop Speaks


Apparently things got quite heated with Bishop Larry Gaiters visit to the Reveal Report live steam on the night of September 10.  Some have stated that he was rude to Jessie Czebotar to the point of attacking her.  Gaiters has denied this.  At this date host George Iceman has not posted the video and many are wondering why.  So far, Iceman has not given a reason for the delay.

Bishop Gaiters has released his own rebuttal of what transpired. Link below. Here are some highlights.

  • Gaiters lists the name of Jessie’s grandmother, Clara Church.  This woman would also be Jessie’s often mentioned Proctor, a name she has never publicly released.
  • Gives a detailed genealogy of Jessie’s ancestry.
  • Says that Jessie lied about not having a handler.
  • Lists the handler as Cisco Wheeler.
  • Exposes the 1901 picture fraud involving Jessie claiming to be in a picture with three girls drawing occult symbols.
  • Gaiters referring to Jessie, “Who sent her?”
  • He finally ends with the stunning announcement of Jessie being involved with a witch named Linda and that they both spent some time living in a rich man’s house in Texas.

These are the statements of Bishop Larry Gaiters.  Please do your own due diligence regarding the factual basis of his statements.


For more information:



Excellent unmasking of Cisco Wheeler at Swallowing The Camel.  Lots of loose ends and contradictions in her story.

The Prodigal Witch Part XVI: Illuminati Slaves (Part I)

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Ye Shall Know Them By Their Symbols


"A symbol is a mark, sign, or word that indicates, signifies, or is understood as representing an idea, object, or relationship. Symbols allow people to go beyond what is known or seen by creating linkages between otherwise very different concepts and experiences. All communication (and data processing) is achieved through the use of symbols. Symbols take the form of words, sounds, gestures, ideas, or visual images and are used to convey other ideas and beliefs."                                           


Part of childhood is the pleasure of blowing a dandelion and seeing seed filaments, miniature parachutes float off in the breeze. As the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has found, the aerodynamic design gives the seeds a flight distance as great as a kilometer.  

It is also a useful herb for numerous health issues.  It makes a very good diuretic for people suffering with water retention and can detoxify the liver.  Much of the plant can be used such as the leaves, flowers, or the roots.  The roots can be made into tea and there is dandelion wine as well.

As with all things God-made, Satan will pervert it for his own schemes.  Even the simple act of a child making a wish before the seeds are blown away for good luck is considered a spell.  

In an article by Patti Wigington at, she states, "Some people use dandelions to enhance psychic abilities. In his Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, author Scott Cunningham recommends the use of dandelion roots in a tea to aid in divination and prophetic dreaming."

At Moody Moons, they posted an article, “10 Ways to Use Dandelions in Witchcraft”.  Such as, place them in a Book of Shadows; gather dandelions and other wild flowers as offerings to woodland spirits;  include them in wishing spells (see above); place them on a Beltane altar; and use them as a ring around a spell candle or altar.  All notions of witchcraft which dandelions play a part.

Dandelion As A Symbol

As can be seen in the image above of the 50 Franc Swiss currency, the dandelion image seems innocent till one learns that the Cabal keep their money in Swiss banks.  The flower is dead at this point indicating a darker meaning.  Notice the image to the right of the parasail, it’s angled to have the appearance of a cobra snake head.  Notice the earth with the arrows circling it.  The dandelion seeds in this instance can symbolize the seeds of Lucifer, sending luciferian ideas, around the Earth.

In another one of JC’s unprovable stories, She claims at a young age to have taken a trip to Scotland to visit Glamis Castle.  She claims to have been accompanied by her trainer, Laurie Cabot Kent. At this gathering were some notables and one was Prince Philip who allegedly scolded her for picking dandelions, dismissing them as weeds.  Was this the start of the dandelion meme?  As it now runs through all of her promotional materials.  An odd choice to use dandelions as a symbol considering the aforementioned relationship to occult practices.  Jessie Czebotar’s satanic background, coupled with her ongoing relationships with satanists online, leaves one wondering whose side she really is on.  She admitted to being trained in psyops.  Apparently so.

Her Illuminate the Darkness website, which also doubles as her fundraising nonprofit, has a dual meaning.  When the Satanists sodomize a child in their rituals, it is referred to as “Illuminating” the child.  She and her organization are supposed to be helping SRA survivors recover.  An SRA survivor would have a deep and horrible memory of being illuminated.

Images from Jessie Czebotar various websites.


Taraxacum officinale is a flowering herbaceous perennial plant of the Asteraceae family.

Jessie often refers to Laurie Cabot as a “Kent”.  All searches indicate this is not her actual surname and she is known as Laurie Cabot, one of American’s leading witches.  

Illuminate the Darkness had an earlier incarnation as Unveiling The Darkness LLC, a for profit company.  It was established in Feb 22, 2016 and ended via Tax Forfeiture in Jan 25, 2019.  It had the same exact address and director, Carol Berry, as Illuminate the Darkness currently has.

Illuminate the Darkness was designated by the IRS as a nonprofit in January 24, 2020.  It has yet to fill an annual Form 990, Form 990ez, or Form 990-n (e-Postcard), as required by IRS regulations.


Carla Shellis is working to help the survivors of human trafficking.  Shellis, based in Texas, is focused in buying homes she calls “safe houses” to house victims rescued from traffickers.  Initially, she wants millions in donations to purchase and upgrade existing homes for woman and girls.

Sparkle Living Inc, is her nonprofit.  She is also the founder of Bochy's Place, Bochy's Box and Bochy’s League, all setups for fundraising, merchandizing and organizing activities such as, property purchasing, gatherings, volunteering, etc.

For someone who desires to help trafficking survivors it’s interesting to note the logo which features mind control symbols such as the butterfly, a symbol of Monarch mind control and out reached hands, a symbol of “handling”.  Likewise, the Bochy’s Place websites are heavy with MK Ultra programming symbolism.

More references to 666 embedded in logos.


Chantelle Meybergh's sidekick, Morne Vente displaying his occult tattoos.


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