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Paula C Blades Interview with Jodi LaDolce


A must see!  Jodi LaDolce once a member of Jessie Czebotar's inner circle, has now come forward to reveal what she knows about Jessie.  This is HUGE and may be too much for many die hard supporters.

Basically, Jodi admits to Jessie being a fraud.


  • Jodi does not believe that is an SRA survivor but is a victim of MK-ULTRA mind control, with multiple alters (personalities).
  • Admits Jessie is a liar.
  • No evidence of Jessie saving or rescuing any children.
  • Jessie steals the testimony of legitimate victims and inserts it into her own testimony.
  • Jodi admits Jessie's affidavits are fake.

And much more!


It shall be interesting to see how Jessie Czebotar reacts to this devastating news from someone who was once very close to her.

The Framing of Reverend Monsignor Thomas C. Brady


Reverend Monsignor Thomas C. Brady

Easy to slander an innocent man when he’s dead.

In this over the last year and half I have documented Jessie Czebotar's constant pattern of deception.  The woman that claims to have been in training to be a top leader in the Illuminati has shown herself to be a habitual liar and currently has a cult following of over 34k on Twitter.  Her videos are seen by thousands and that helps promote her Illuminate the Darkness ministry with grifting, conducting workshops and selling merchandise.

In my articles on her recent release of affidavits it is quite apparent there are errors in her testimony and even the documents themselves show evidence of cut and paste Photoshop jobs.  Most of her testimony is built upon unverifiable stories with contradictions, outrageous claims and missing pertentot details.  He tales are hard to read being filled with numerous horrible events of torture, blood and gore.  Her fanbase doesn’t seem to mind any of this and she continues to prosper.  

One series of documents is her #10 affidavit drop where I was alerted by a source regarding Monsignor Thomas C Brady.  Jessie states Msgr. Brady is a Catholic priest and lists him as being a satanist and involved with numerous Satanic rituals.  In one, Jessie says he threw her into a coffin where she stayed until the ritual was over.  She also claims he was a member of the Order of Melchizedek, a high satanic fellowship featuring many well known people from all walks of life.

Her affidavit, Exhibit B, Jessie lists Msgr. Brady being arrested in 2011 for allegedly sexually molesting a 13 year old boy at Good Shepherd Church in Brooklyn, NY.  There was a grand jury impounded in 2012 but no indictment occurred due to insufficient evidence. She lists his death in December of 2020.

The Actual Thomas “F” Brady

Reverend Monsignor Thomas F. Brady

As it turns out Jessie Czebotar had framed the wrong Monsignor.  Thomas F Brady the man you see above, was arrested and later acquitted of being a child molester.   He was the Monsignor of the Diocese of Brooklyn.  Thomas C Brady never did ministry work there.  He spent his life and ministry in Illinois.

Jessie Czebotar is making all of this up and in the process committing perjury in her allegedly sworn affidavits. 

So What Is Going On Here?

Apparently, she took two men, both with the same names and both Monsignors and removed the middle initials.  This blended them into one identity.  Both men are deceased, one in 2020 and the other man in 2013.  She had done similar things such as this before, using the deceased to avoid being sued for libel.  Such as the late Christopher Hallett.  She used his court docket number on a David Rodriguez video making Rodriguez think it was a military tribunal number.  It wasn’t.  It was Christopher Hallett vs the Florida Department of Revenue back in 2019.  Hallett is dead so he can’t refute this nonsense.

In her affidavits Jessie omitted the following URL:

This link to the Adam Horowitz Law firm tells the actual story of Thomas F Brady.  It also shows a picture of a different man.  The man that was arrested but let go.  It’s the man Jessie is actually talking about.

Why do something like this?  Jessie’s intent to deceive is enormous in this episode.  Ironically, she starts out all of her affidavits stating that she is giving truthful testimony.  Here, she does no such thing.  I have doubted most of the affidavit stories, but the blatant disregard of the truth and her intent to deceive in this is nothing short of appalling.  It’s hard to comprehend how people get devolved like this.

It could be that she has more association with Illinois than New York.  But this does not adequately explain her need to slander the character of an otherwise decent and humble man spending his life in ministry.  She could have just gone along with Thomas F but she would need to explain how she was a witness to a place she has never been.  It’s hard being a pathological liar.  You have to invent reasonable explanations and then remember them all.

It’s despicable to attack a deceased man in this manner and tarnish his character.  He can’t reply back in his own defense.  


I need to call out Veronica Swift (Robbins) writing about this in her blog.  As with her other articles, she carelessly ignores it all and just regurgitates what Jessie says with little to no critical thinking.  By doing so, she is aiding and abetting the fraud and helping to cover it up.  And shame on her.

I must admit this was pretty slick.  In the kind of thing intelligence agencies do when conducting operations.  It’s an initially confusing thing to look into at first and makes it easy to slip past unnoticed.  I hope I have explained it well enough.    


Affidavit Release #10

OB, Thomas C Brady

Thomas F Brady, Diocese of Brooklyn

Diocese of Brooklyn

Affidavit Articles, Part 1 and Part 2

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Ballot Box #13


Ballot box 13, sealed forever

Nobody Likes Cheaters.

Once again, all of Johnson’s early character traits he exhibited early on.  The stealing of the 1948 Senate election from Coke Stephenson wasn’t the first time he did that.  In college, his group the White Stars (the Black Stars didn’t like him and wouldn’t let him join) so he rigged the student council elections to get his people into the choice spots.  The Black Stars never knew what hit them as Johnson got himself and his people in charge of student government.  Later, as a Congressional aide, he took the Little Congress, a social club of aides and turned it into a political organization to benefit himself.  Stuffing the ballot boxes worked till he was called on it.  

Means of Accent, the second book of The Years of Lyndon Johnson, Caro documents in great detail the corrupting of the voting process that allowed the stealing of the 1948 election.  For Johnson, it was his last chance to advance his political career towards his final goal as President, and it was hang fire or nothing.  As Caro points out, Johnson’s crookedness shocked even the old-timers in how brazen and blatant it was, as if he had no higher authority to answer to.

It’s my favorite of the three books.  It's a great contrast between the personalities.  Coke, former Texas Governor and a man of honor and ethics from the old school, where a man’s word was his bond.  And Lyndon, a man with no scruples about anything, whose word was whatever it meant to whomever he was talking to at the time.  Robert Caro does a great job in chronicling the event, probably the best ever, in rich detail.  One remarkable scene is when he places the reader in the dusty streets of Alice, Texas just after the election as Coke and former Texas Ranger Frank Hamer go to investigate the ballot boxes.  Hamer, whose legendary career included gunfights killing 53 men and sported the 17 scars of those gun battles.  (His most famous case was the ambush on Bonny and Clyde after a 102 day hunt.)  A dangerous scene ensued with armed goons blocking the way to the bank where the election records were being kept.  Marching straight ahead, Frank Hamer never broke his stride and they fell away in his wake.  The goons attempted to enter after Coke, but big Frank stood in the doorway eyeing them down with his hand resting on his holstered gun, keeping them at bay, while Coke and his attorneys viewed the voter’s tally sheet and poll list.  They found evidence of fraud but were never able to deliver on it in court. Johnson’s attorneys delayed the release of the aforementioned voter records and contents of ballot box 13, just long enough for Supreme Court Justice Black to pull the plug, fearing a violation of state’s rights issues.  (Those records have since long disappeared as has ballot box 13; but not the photograph of it.)  Johnson walks away with a steal.

A tragic story as the bad guys win.  But there is a happy ending.  Coke Stephenson retires to a quiet life of a Texas rancher, marries a lovely woman he loves dearly, and she gives him the delight of his life, a daughter.  Lyndon Johnson gets his comeuppance in the 1960s as his Presidency is bogged down in an unpopular war, sapping the life out of his blood.  He gets to the mountain top and finds it a lonely destination.  The lapel grabbing, chest pointing, space invader can’t do a damn thing.  Meanwhile, the 1948 theft is never far behind and follows him wherever he goes, adding to the public’s distrust of the man.  It stares him in the face on the mountain top.  He dies a crazy loon, the respect he so craved departed far from him.  


BOOK REVIEW:  The Years of Lyndon Johnson:  Accent to Power, Means of Assent, and The Master of the Senate by Robert A. Caro

Saturday, November 12, 2022

The Turkish Delight Deception


As I pointed out in my article Even More Red flags, my piece documenting Jessie Czebotar twitter screen captures, one of the more controversial ones was her request for a movie, Turkish Delight from her friend satanist Lucian Greaves.  A further inquiry found that this Dutch movie, released in 1973 was a notorious pornographic film at the time (since reduced to an R rating).  As Jessie herself said recently, this tweet went viral.  Yes, because I made mention of it in my 2021 post, Even More Red Flags, when nobody else had paid attention to it.

Thus starts Jessie’s many denials of this film being an X-rated movie.  Even to this year, for a tweet she made in November of 2020, she once again worked up a new story regarding her claim as to why she had never requested an porn movie from Lucien.

From this video from Chantelle Marburg’s Aquarius Rising Africa Ⅱ (since removed), Jessie invents her new tale, which will be debunked later on in this piece and shown to be a lie.

In this new explanation, Jessie makes the new claim that the movie was a Turkish version of the famous film, The Exorcist. Only, Lucian Greaves did a voice over which Jessie said was so funny she “almost peed in her pants.”  Because we all know Lucian is a comic genius.  She is implying that this Turkish version of The Exorcist was overdubbed in the Turkish language. But apparently this is not true.

In the following tweet she mentions The Exorcist movie using subtitles.

Subtitles in what language?  Is it English with Turkish subtitles or the other way around?  If Lucien is doing English voiceovers with Turkish subtitles wouldn’t that be annoying?

And why is she not calling it Turkish Delight? She recognizes this film as The Exorcist.  Because she does later, renaming it in the following tweet from November of 2020.

She is now calling the movie Turkish Delight.  The idea that The Exorcist could be nicknamed or renamed Turkish Delight is illogical. It appears to be another attempt by Jessie to confuse the issue, which is one of her most used tactics when caught telling contradicting tales.  In the clip above, she furthers her cause in claiming that her critics use the name “Turkish Nights” which she asserts is the real X-rated movie.  So far, I have not found an adult movie by that name.  It must be concluded, this is a false allegation and another attempt to wiggle out the controversy.  

Note that she never admits there is an X-rated movie by the name of Turkish Delight.

Jessie Doesn’t Do Porn

Or so she says, but she enjoys the movie nights broadcast by her satanic friends at the Satanic Temple.  And besides disgusting horror slasher movies they do broadcast pornography.

From the tweet below Jessie laments on missing movie night.  Lucien informs her of what she missed.

Two of the movies, I Will Drink Your Blood and Supervixens, are both X-rated movies once upon a time (since downgraded to R).  She would have seen porn if she had been there and she admits she is unhappy she didn’t.

She also claims not knowing if Lucien is into porn. Ostensibly so since he lists two X-rated movies in the tweet above.  Here is a series of tweets promoting upcoming movies, all demonic, sexual or horror related.

Hardly family entertainment.


It’s unknown why Jessie Czebotar needed to make another claim of innocence regarding Turkish Delight.  Nothing has been said about it for almost a year and no new assertions were made by anyone.  She is triggered about this in some way, yet unknown.  Watching an adult movie does strike to the heart of her saintly image she projects with the aid of friendly and patronizing media sources.  But this image has taken a lot of hits over the past years being caught red handed regarding her many deceptive practices.  She has been caught lying many times as documented here in this blog and by others online.

It is my firm belief from this episode that she has lied about this issue and did desire to see Turkish Delight and already knew of it from an earlier date.  Her defense is just one falsehood colliding with others leaving loose ends behind.  Her story of a friend taking a well known movie and doing a funny voice over and then somehow naming it after a real X-rated movie doesn’t make any sense.  Then she adds to the stew by saying Turkish Nights is the actual porn movie, which cannot be sourced and is clearly untrue.

Finally, why does a Christian chaplain running a ministry need to watch pornography and bloody slasher movies in the first place?  It’s not the Christian thing to do and is considered a sinful practice.  


The movie I Will Drink Your Blood was originally an X but is now rated R.  Likewise for Turkish Delight.

Her friend and arch defender Marion Altena along with Jessie says it’s a different movie, a Turkish movie not the Dutch film from 1973.  Marion is a mean spirited woman, a bully, and berates critics with lies, insults and unsupported allegations.  Moreover, in the video Jessie says the Turkish film was the Exorcist.  Why didn’t Marion say so?    It was early on in the spin and they hadn’t corroborated their stories.  It was all made up anyway.  Marion makes charges, she doesn’t make an effort to support them.  

Also known as Turk Fruit.

The search for Turkish Nights.  

Here is a "Turkish Delights" movie from the 1970s.  Not the same plot though.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

The Affidavits Part 2


In Part 1, the Jessie Czebotar affidavits show a consistent flow of errors in notary public stamps, signatures and signature dates.  In Part 2, we will explore the content of the affidavits, which are Jessie’s alleged witness stories.

The Content

I will only briefly describe some of the content in these affidavits due to the nightmarish images they invoke and may be trigging for some people.  Jessie’s tales could be best described as horror fairy tales.  It details unimaginable suffering and the most bizarre one could ever read. That a child could remember all of these garish and traumatic details is highly questionable.  People are known to succumb to blackouts as the brain temporarily shuts down from the trauma of witnessing these described horrors.  It’s called a transom.

There is a litany of horrors from graphic rape and torture scenes range from Hillary Clinton ripping a young girl’s face off and wearing it on her own face as a mask; former president Bush (41) scooping up a live child’s brains and eating them; shipping dead children on iced via the US Mail to cannibalized. Some of these scenes are similar to Jessie’s fetish for horror films, the x-rated depraved ones. 

Once again she has her grandmother Clara Church, alleged Mother of Darkness committing ritualistic killings of children with Jessie as witness. 1,000 a month.  She never states reporting these atrocities to law enforcement, nor how one has the time to view over 30 kids being killed everyday for weeks and months on end.  And the psychological impact would have been enormous.  Such as it was for the Russian officer that was tasked with executing the captured Polish officers at the start of WWII.  He personally shot 5,000 of them.  Then he became 5,001 when he shot himself.


Jessie has a habit of taking existing stories and combining them with her own or outright adding them on. Such as did with her story on how she nicknamed CIA officer John Brennan “Boo”.  In this tale, she borrowed heavily (and said so) from Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird.  Boo Radley lived a few houses down from Scout and in Jessie’s telling so did Brennan, which she alleges is a satanist who would come over to visit her family.  So similar in telling, she attaches Boo as a nickname for Brennan in a complete lifting of a fictional story joined together with her own fictional story.   

It’s a strange psychological drama. It’s not a normal way to tell of a personal experience.  Since John Brennan never lived or worked in Madison, WI during this time period or ever, and was instead working as a CIA officer in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

So Jessie’s story of witnessing Hillary Clinton ripping a young girl’s face off and wearing it as a mask largely has already been told, yet not proven, from an alleged video on Anthony Weiner’s laptop was secured and seen by NYC police detectives. Which also means the timeline for this is way off.  But it’s an example of her borrowing a story, real or not, and adding it to her own narrative.  

My main issue with these sworn statements is the long history we have of Jessie lying.  From my research and proof I have found and posted here, along with others, it is hard for me to believe any of the horrid tales are true. However, I do consider these things can happen but are hidden away from us and only a select elite, all headed for hell, do this.  There is power derived from evil or else no one would participate in it. 

As always, where is the proof?  It’s all a huge group of stories with no evidence and no corroborating witnesses.  These affidavits are supposed to have been sworn under oath.  To whom?  Where?  What date?

Basically, these are a disgusting collection of horror tales from somebody who loves disgusting slasher films.  

Military Use of Civilian Affidavits?

Jessie Czebotar reveals she has been spreading her Affidavits about numerous government and military institutions.   In particular, U.S. Army at Fort Campbell.

Submitting affidavits to military courts offers a unique set of problems.  Such as, when, where and how?  What military court exactly?  Where was the location?  What time period?  What case?  This is about as vague as a host of other stories Jessie tells.  These affidavits of hers all allege crimes by civilians.  A military court tries military personnel only and would only try civilians if they are considered enemy combatants or considered to be aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States.  So unless she is a witness to crimes committed by military men or women, there is not much they can do with these documents except forward them to Federal law enforcement.  As can be clearly seen, none of these affidavits deal with military people.


There is nothing here.  Jessie appears to be influenced by the Q movement since it promoted the notion of military involvement in law enforcement issues (i.e., prosecuting pedophiles and supposedly rescuing children).  The military is not placing pedophiles on trial in military courts.  Sending affidavits to the military would be a useless enterprise and we only have Jessie’s word she did so.  If she had been working with an attorney, he would have told her to knock it off.  

It’s Douglas Misicko It’s Not Douglas Mysecko

Douglas Misicko is a man of many names. Well known for his alias of Lucien Greaves and his other alias  Doug Mesner, he is the co-founder of The Satanic Temple in the United States with other branches overseas.  

He features a long history of using the internet and social media to attack, insult and mock SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) survivors. That is why it is such an odd pairing of Jessie with him in numerous tweets where she allies herself with his agenda which contradicts her own ministry efforts and backstory.   

So Greaves-Mesner-Misicko has a spotty past.  One could call him a satanic con man and certainly a creepy looking libertine.  Whatever he is, he is a maze of contradictions.  He portrays himself as a liberal but freely associates with Neo nazis and has designed illustrations for a Neo Nazi publisher.  He goes about saying “Hail Satan” while saying that he doesn’t believe the devil really exists.  He will pay to attend a conference on SRA so as to write a hit piece on it, only to cancel the check afterward. 

Jessie Czebotar and Douglas Misicko do have one thing in common—they both go about sowing confusion.

As Jessie does by using a new alias in her affidavits nobody has heard of before, Douglas Mysecko.  Various search engines find nothing on this name.  It’s not an unusual trait of Jessie’s to misname things and people, or mispronounce them.  She has the habit of misspelling my name when mentioning me.  I find it hard to believe this is done by accident by someone with a masters degree. Possibly to avoid lawsuits?  (Although she displayed no fear or shame naming James Volpe as a murderer and rapist.)

Nevertheless, it is important that an affidavit be accurate in the stating of facts. Providing the wrong names would mislead an investigation (if one is being conducted) or cause a witness’s testimony, this case hers, to be dismissed.  

Veronica Swift in her blog detailing these affidavits uses Mysecko in all references.  A common trait of hers is she will quote every word of Jessie as if it came down from the mountaintop etched in stone.  Even clear mistakes such as when Jessie said the Mother of Darkness castle was in Germany, when it is in Belgium.  (I suspect this may derive from being embedded with Jessie’s ministry when she was, or still is, a member of the SOS Army.)  


It’s apparent that Douglas Misicko is the actual name for Lucien Greaves.  It’s unclear why Jessie continues to word play with incorrect names of people.  That includes places and things.  Such as pronouncing Glamis Castle as it is spelled but not as the true pronunciation, “Glamz”.  Or referring to witch Laurie Cabot as Laurie Cabot Kent.  Cabot never refers to the surname of Kent in any of interviews, books, social media, websites, etc. But this doesn’t stop her PR flack, Veronica from repeating this false surname.  Hopefully one day, this mystery will be solved.

The Slandering of James P. Volpe

Former Chief of Police James P. Volpe

Jessie Czebotar has long been naming famous people and celebrities of being involved with satanism and satanic practices.  Dozens of them. Lately, Elon Musk is one of her favorite whipping boys.  Hillary Clinton is targeted as a fiendish torturer and murderer of children.  So far, nobody has filed a slander or defamation suit against her.  Many probably don’t know she exists.  Not famous enough?  Of course, many famous people are rumored to be involved with the Dark Arts and some will openly admit to it.

However, I believe this is the first time Jessie names someone not famous.  In this instance retired Wheaton, Illinois Chief of Police James P. Volpe.  Originally Jessie did not name him in her stories but finally did in her affidavit release. In her affidavit statements she accuses him of murder, child rape and murder of the girl’s parents.  Two of their sons were spared, one of whom she identifies as  Douglas Mysecko (Misicko).

This is the definition of slander:

n. oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed. Slander is a civil wrong (tort) and can be the basis for a lawsuit. Damages (payoff for worth) for slander may be limited to actual (special) damages unless there is malicious intent, since such damages are usually difficult to specify and harder to prove. Some statements such as an untrue accusation of having committed a crime, having a loathsome disease, or being unable to perform one's occupation are treated as slander per se since the harm and malice are obvious, and therefore usually result in general and even punitive damage recovery by the person harmed. Words spoken over the air on television or radio are treated as libel (written defamation) and not slander on the theory that broadcasting reaches a large audience as much if not more than printed publications.

Copyright © 1981-2005 by Gerald N. Hill and Kathleen T. Hill. All Right reserved.

Placed in bold is malicious intent, which in this case is clearly evident.  I am surprised that Jessie would take the path. Is she this confident in being able to back up her assertion that James Volpe is a murderer and rapist?  If not, it’s a dumb play and could lead to the ruination of her ministry and reputation among her followers.  All it needs is a challenge in court.

By all accounts, James Volpe served his community faithfully.  There is no hint of wrongdoing or issues regarding his work as a police officer before rising to chief or after.  Before entering law enforcement, he earned a bachelor of science degree in education from Illinois State University in 1980 and juris doctorate (JD) at DePaul University Law School in 1992.  


The making of wild claims with malicious intent towards others, great and small, should alarm many.  Nothing Jessie says good, ill, or false affects her supporters. They would believe her if she said the earth was flat.  However, someone personally affected by this would have little recourse but to take legal measures to task.  Perhaps Volpe is as ignorant of his character being defamed as Elon Musk and a host of famous people are.


As demonstrated in Part 1, there are gross errors in the signatures and notary public stamps.  The signatures and notary stamps have the uniform appearance of being digital copies. Many of the signature dates are off by a day or two, meaning the notary public was not witnessing the signing taking place.  This brings into question the legitimacy of the documents.  This should raise concern with any Judge viewing them.  

The so-called eye witness reports by Jessie Czebotar involving horrific torture, rape and murder of children in satanic rituals are still just her accounts.  There is a growing amount of evidence and witness testimony that these horrors occur.  But ultimately we are left with one person’s story who has a substantial record of lying.  Take it with a grain of salt.

And apparently, the starry-eyed Jessie follower above did not and considers the affidavits, shown now replete with flaws, to be almost as great as the Holy Bible.  It’s an alarming development of extreme deception with an uncertain solution.  



1) Jessie Czebotar’s affidavits were allegedly escrowed by Randi Erickson a former “Truth and Taxation” judge, in U.S. courts in Minnesota and the U.S. Army at Fort Campbell (others include the governor of Texas and other law enforcement agencies).  I have found no evidence of this type of judge.  Appears to be Sovereign Citizen nonsense.  There is embedded in many state taxing authorities a “Truth-in-Taxation” procedure for doing hearings of annual budgets for the upcoming year. 

Also, found no evidence these affidavits were actually filed.

2) In July of 2022, Jessie said the total number of children she witnessed being killed was 136,000 (and counting them from age 4 1/2).  This number is left out of her affidavit releases all dated to the year 2021.  Why?  She still states her grandmother’s sacrificing of 1,000 children a month.

3) Lists numerous places where children are either kept or placed in ritual situations and killed.  Which included everything from St Mary by the Sea Catholic Church, the Vapor Voo Doo E-Cig shop to the Carlsbad Observatory.  Keep in mind these are stories.  She can say whatever she likes she has no real proof for any of these places being used by the Luciferian Brotherhood or that children are being killed there.


Affidavits Part 1

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Lucien Greaves aka Doug Mesner aka Douglas Misicko:

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