Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Don’t Get Fooled Again...

Apparently, an easy thing to experience in the Internet Age.

Currently making the rounds is a story that in the Batman: The Dark Knight Rises film, the same film where the tragic shooting occurred in Colorado in the summer of 2012, is a scene where the Police Commissioner character points to map and the words, Sandy Hook, the elementry school where another shocking and deadly shooting occurred is written on the map.  How is that for a strange coincidence?

And it gets even crazier. The next thing reported is that the movie’s property manager Scott Getzinger was from Newtown, the city where the shooting happened.  He was reportedly killed in an automobile accident there in April of 2012. Oh...spooky!  And what does all of this mean?  Nobody ever says.

The trouble with this story is that it’s all bogus.  I have this film on the DVD, the full theatrical release that was manufactured before the tragic Connecticut massacre occurred on December 12, 2012.  This alleged scene does not appear at any time in the movie, and I’ve scanned the film multiple times.  There is no scene of the Police Commissioner looking at a map at any time.  Any map.  Now, a police officer does and you can see the picture above of the map that’s in the film.  Nowhere will you see Sandy Hook printed on that map.

To add to the confusion there is a video on Youtube featuring the map with Sandy Hook written on it.  See the picture of this map below?  It’s not in the movie.  There are other references in this clip to Sandy Hook and they are not in the DVD either.  Perhaps in the Blu-ray version?  I think not.  Both have the same runtime of 165 minutes. I suggest these are prop’s that were never used in the film.  Somebody imaged them for the hoax.  In fact, there is no video online that shows the police commissioner character pointing to a map of any kind.

So what we have here is another Internet hoax or better, a psyop to get the masses distracted.  Some people think the Sandy Hook shooting was a staged event to promote gun control.  So what happens?  Somebody, either on his own or some employees of an agency produces a fake video with clips not seen in the original film.  And, wa-la!  A connection to a far greater plot. Disinformation has its uses you know.

Addendum 1/10/13
Journalist Jon Rappoport is making the rounds with the Sandy Hook hoax. He was on the Clyde Lewis show, Ground Zero tonight.  It’s amazing to me how Rappoport, a journalist with some notable publication credits on his resume can print crap like this on his web site without double-checking sources to begin with.  That’s journalism 101.  He apparently never saw the film.  In fact, one of his sources is an unnamed author on 

Addendum 1/11/13
The YouTube link below has been taken down.

Jon Rappoport

[UPDATE: link taken down] Youtube video supposedly showing Sandy Hook written on a map.  Please note this map is not shown in the theatrical release of the film.