Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Knuckle Dragger

Recent New York Times article documents President Obama's close relationship with CIA director Brennan...but not much is revealed.  

“The CIA is not a rogue organization."  John Brennan, CIA Director

Of course one should never judge a person by their looks but with men of power like John Brennan, but I can't help myself.  His raw looks complete with a thuggish, heavy brow, produce a mean appearance.  A man who looks like he was trained to kill with his bare hands.  Who knows?  Maybe he can.  But he had no trouble selecting people to be executed via drones in the Middle East.  When he was Obama's anti terrorism czar, he was placed in charge of drone killing and had a free hand to set up the kill list and then was granted authority to launch drone killings without needing presidential approval.  Remember that innocent people get killed in these attacks too.  He then in dubs this sort of targeting of people as a "disposition matrix."  Fancy, huh?  So maybe his mean looks are a good judgement of his character. 

Ironic that he would be in charge of so many Muslim deaths, his fellow Muslims, since Brennan is a follower of the Prophet too.  I imagine they don't like that.  I would also imagine there is price on that brutish head of his as well.

The Times piece, "Brennan Draws on Bond With Obama in Backing C.I.A.," by Peter Baker and Mark Mazzetti, relates a brief history of John Brennan's rise to the CIA director's job and how along the way he supposedly became "kindred spirits" with the president.  Actually, there is more background story on Brennan's rise and little of how he and Obama became such close together.  Other than an unnamed Obama aide calling them "kindred spirits" there is no substance to the assertion.  Absolutely nothing is mentioned of relevance to establish the claim.  

Perhaps because they left out the real reason why they are so close.  The real reason, as a good source told me, is that John Brennan is Barrack Obama's CIA handler.  And others have said this too.  Dr. Steve Pieczenik, the inspiration for the Jack Ryan character in a host of Tom Clancy novels due to his extensive foreign policy and  intelligence work, also said that Brennan was Obama's handler on the Alex Jones's Info Wars program.  Pieczenik goes even farther by calling Brennan a "professional liar" on his blog and pointing out that Brennan was the CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia at the time of the 1996 Khobar Tower bombing disaster that took the lives of 19 American Soldiers.  He was second in line after Director George Tenet at the time of the 9-11 attacks.  Brennan has had his share of stumbles in his career.  Not a sign of competence.  

However, one important point left out of the article could have bound Brennan and Obama closely together.  It was in 2008 when the two senators, Barak Obama and John McCane were running for president.  A mini scandal erupted when it was discovered that employees of contractors were digging into passport records of the two senators.  One such federal contractor was the Analysis Corporation.  Who was the CEO and president of this company?  None other than John Brennan.  His employee that got caught was not fired but reprimanded. So what was gong on here?  Was Brennan sending his people in to cleanse the Obama files for any embarrassing or damaging information?  Or digging up dirt on McCane?  Or both?  

So in the end, maybe they are not two peas in a pod, but more like a baby sitter protecting his baby.  They have a shared Muslim faith (when Brennan was sworn in as CIA Director he placed his hand on the Quran, not the Bible).  Obama’s affiliation with the Muslim faith is well known even if it is admitted by few.  There are many indications that Obama hails from a CIA family–namely his mother and maternal grandparents.  The passport scandal would serve to cover up anything Obama was doing in his past travels.  These two men may go back years together.  It would be newsworthy to see when they actually met.  Brennan spent many years in the Middle East; Obama has done his travels in that area of the world in the early 1980‘s.  Much will most likely be uncovered in the years that follow that may reveal more on this relationship.  But one thing is assured, it won't be from press outlets such as the New York Times.

Oh, and John.  You say the CIA is not a rogue organization?  Tell that to the other John.  The John your predecessors killed in Dealey Plaza in 1963.

Addendum - 12.17.14
The Analysis Corporation is now known as, Global Defense Technology & Systems, Inc.  It now a subsidiary of a British defense contractor, the Global Strategies Group.  

Addendum - 1.12.15
Washington Post (6/22/06)
The Analysis Corporation's advisory board also featured three CIA officers.  Former CIA Director George J. Tenet, former Chief Information officer Alan Wade, and former Intelligence Analyst, John P. Young.

New York Times:

Dr. Steve Pieczenik's John Brennan articles:

Friday, July 25, 2014

Barack Obama, America’s Caligula?

That headline reads like an extremist charge but as President Barack Obama’s second term as President draws to its final two years his actions and statements have him tracking into uncharted presidential territory.  The territory of the strange and disconnected.  Israeli psychologist Dr. Samuel Vaknin, the author of Malignant Self Love, caused a stir by suggesting that Obama possesses all the classical traits of a pathological narcissism.  The evidence of self love abounds in just about every action Obama takes.  According to Dr. Vaknin it is usually formed in a person who endures great psychological trauma, uncertainty and dislocation as a child. And Barack Obama’s early years were an example of that; a jumble of family breakups, being relocated to a foreign country and culture hostile to bi-racial people, parental abandonment and finally, settling in with his grandparents to raise him.  

With the notorious Roman Emperor Caligula (given name Gaius), his childhood was just as chaotic.  Accompanying his father Germanicus on military campaigns he earned his nickname “little boot” from his miniature military uniform he wore.  He father was feared as a rival to Emperor Tiberius and was poisoned.  His mother and brother Nero were banished under charges of treason.  Like Obama, Caligula was shunted off to be raised by grandparents (first to live with his great grandmother and after her death, was sent to his grandmother).  Later on, he and his sisters basically became house prisoners of Tiberius.  His childhood featured the lack of stability in his home life, the trauma of parental death (father) and separation (mother) and being shifted about with an uncertain future.  Caligula never knew if Tiberius was going to have him and his family executed or not.  The seeds of his narcissism, malignant and without principle, were sown in Gaius.  

As time goes on Barack Obama has morphed into a strange character, a man that keeps us guessing where his loyalties lie.  This charming handsome man with the big smile and great speaking gift with even bigger promises has suddenly become the house guest we thought we wanted to invite in but suddenly, with great dismay, has become a stranger to us.  His ways are mysterious.  His persona is mixture of deceit, haughtiness, chilliness, rude behind measure, petulant, immature, lacking manners or statecraft, a serial liar, duplicitous, lawless, lacking empathy, and a perpetual slacker who starts most days at mid-morning.  One of the first men in ages that fits the archetype profile of the Anti-Christ to a tee, if not the personage of a Manchurian Candidate.  It is probably the hardest thing for people to comprehend, that we would have a president that would want to do us, the People, harm.  But that is apparently the case judging from the man’s efforts.  The man who promised to transform America has done so, and into a foreign venue those of us that grew up here do not recognize or understand.  

Caligula, as mad as he became, started out a reasonable ruler in 37 AD.  He started by giving generous bonuses to the military, ended the exile of those banished, helped those harmed by the tax system, among many other things.  But that same year he took ill, some think he may be been poisoned, and became a different person.  A ruler emerged that evolved into the insane, cruel and ruthless Caligula we know today.

Barack Obama has emerged a cruel side as well.  When he proposed the Sequester, the Republicans took him up on it.  Mad with them, Obama proceeded to make life tough for people visiting federal lands, such as closing down parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the nasty shutting down of the World War Two Memorial preventing aging veterans from entering a Memorial they sacrificed so much for.  This one act shows the coldness of the man’s heart.  The lack of empathy to score one on his perceived enemies.  

As has been said of him, he is a Caesar at home and a Chamberlain aboard.

The Need To Be Worshipped
As seen in the photo above, the narcissist feeds off the energy of the mob.  Many narcissist leaders, such at Hitler did the same.  As Albert Speer noted in his book, Inside the Third Reich:

“Even during the period between 1933 and 1939, when his position made life easier for him, he was visibly refreshed by the daily procession of admirers who came to pay homage to him at Olbersalzberg.

The rallies in the prewar period had also been a stimulant to Hitler. They were part of his life, and each one left him more incisive and self-assured than he had been before.”

Many talk show hosts remark that Obama is continuously campaigning.  But as blogger Lame Cherry (must give credit where credit is due, even to anonymous writers) pointed out, more likely, he is supplying his bottomless need to get amongst the People to feed off their energy.  Look at the people in the crowd.  The joy on their faces replete with desire to reach out and touch him.  It’s worshipful.  As Dr. Vaknin comments, the narcissist has, “tremendous influence over their fanciers.”  Personality cults naturally form around them.  It matters not that Obama has done little for them.  Life really hasn’t gotten better for the millions of people unemployed, the southern border breaking down, the health care system in chaos, among many other disturbing events currently taking place.  Their Leader knows little of governance or leadership and that is of little concern for them.  The charismatic narcissist does this to people.  They feel good and energized when they have no need to.

As Caligula reportedly said, “Let there be one Lord, one King.”  He erected temples to himself to be worshiped as a god.  As stated in his Wikipedia entry, “Caligula began appearing in public dressed as various gods and demigods such as Hercules, Mercury, Venus and Apollo. Reportedly, he began referring to himself as a god when meeting with politicians and he was referred to as Jupiter on occasion in public documents.”  Roman historian, Cassius Dio, said this type of worship was radical even by Roman Emperor norms.

A few days after the 2012 election, at the Soul Train awards ceremony actor Jamie Foxx declared the following:

"It's like church over here. It's like church in here. First of all, give an honor to God and our Lord and Savior Barack Obama. Barack Obama."

Foxx would later say it was a joke and never repented or apologized for the comment.  Probably most interesting was Obama’s response–nothing.  He apparently likes being called a god.  Would not a man of humility, who claims to be Christian, not recognize blasphemy when it is uttered and especially in his own name?  

Barack Obama has always been shown a great deal of deference shown no other president.  It started early on when country singer Hank Williams Jr., the voice for the Monday Night Football theme criticized Obama in an interview and was immediately fired.  No one came to his defense. No one offered to boycott MNF.  Imagine any other president criticized in such a manner and the speaker losing a gig.  This sort of capitulation to a national leader is something that happens in a authoritarian state.  It appears as an appeasement to a king, or a king considered divine?  

Then came the rodeo clown with the Obama mask.  How often have presidents been mocked with masks of their likeness?  Every one of them. The King show not be mocked it seems.  And now currently, the Justice Department is investigating a parade float with an outhouse on it listed as the Obama Presidential Library.  The man behind float, Dale Remmich, said that the outhouse represented his frustration with the President’s management of the Veterans Affairs Department.  Political satire is now worthy of a criminal investigation? It used to be, one had to threaten the President’s life to get into trouble, but no more.  

Apparently mocking a Divine King is now considered highly controversial and worth the heavy-handed approach. 

The End Result
Is Barack Obama insane enough to marry a four legged animal as Caligula did?  Of course not.  However, his ongoing psychosis is on constant display.  Regarding his oddly disconnected view of the world, one wonders how far out he can go and never come back.  In public he flubs basic facts about himself that he should know, such as getting his birthday off by months, calling his wife Michelle, Michael, signing the wrong year at the Westminster Abby guestbook, and getting his daughter’s birthdate wrong among many other puzzling flub-ups.  

His lying is pathological.  Does he believe the words that come out of his mouth?  Basically, one has to assume the opposite to whatever he says and therein lies the truth. President Obama is a man who foolishly draws a red line and when his plans go awry, claims not to have said such a thing, and instead claims others did.  I didn’t say that, you did.  It may be the double-speak that he and others in his Administration use to never deal with a scandal or a screw-up.  He is by all accounts a radical left-wing ideologue.  That type thrives off chaos to bring down an established system in order to usher in a new one.  Everything Obama does is to evoke chaos with the solution–more government power and less liberty for the People.  When that is accomplished, create more mayhem for even more power.  Marxists do this in every country they take over.

The main issue with Obama and whatever psychosis he suffers from leads back his abandonment by his parents.  Even Caligula had a better situation with his parents and they didn’t intentionally dump him.  He spent a lot of time with his father before his demise and he was reunited with his mother after Tiberius’s death ended her exile.  With Barack Obama, he only met his father once, a father that rarely even mentioned him as his son on various documents he was required to fill out (college apps, visa apps, etc.).  And he was one of many of children his father sired.  His mother on the other hand, was in his life off and on till she went to work full time in Asia and she had little to do with him, from 1978 till her death in 1995.  

So what did the Romans do with their Crazy King?  They killed him with multiple stab wounds perpetrated by a real conspiracy.  Yes, conspiracies do happen in history.  What will America do with its Crazy King?  Give him a cushiony life with all of his needs taken care of at the Public’s expense for the rest of his days.  He can break any law he wants and what will happen to him?  As things now stand, nothing.  He’s in the class of the Untouchables.  A sad state of affairs and why the great country of America is in decline.   We cannot bring to justice the lawless among us. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ISIS Has A Web Site!

ISIS, portrayed as the barbarian hordes crossing the deserts of Iraq and conquering all in its wake, yet here is a web site for a contractor calling themselves ISIS.

From the site:

"ISIS is headquartered outside Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Our Washington D.C. office is located in the Ronald Reagan Building. We are dedicated to supporting our national defense and security departments, as well as government contractors and private business, with mission-critical services performed by highly skilled experts in their fields. ISIS professionals can be found working side by side with the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Government and Prime Contractors on the ground in such strategic environments as the Middle East." See Our Locations Map at the bottom of the page. 

Don't expect the MSM or many independent news sites on the Web to look into this one. Once again, what we are told is a lie. A psyop.  

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Don’t Get Stuck Behind the WIC Momma At the Store!

Because if you do, you are going to be in for a long wait in the check-out line.  This week was behind a tall, chatty, athletic young woman with a cute baby girl buying groceries.  Her items were primarily baby foods.  Just then the manager of the store passed by and motioned me over to lane two and I am glad she did because as soon as I got there to upload my cart, the young mother mentioned her WIC card to the cashier.  

Oh, good thing I got out of her lane!  If you have ever been in a check-out line behind a woman with one of those assistance cards it is going to take a good 10 minutes to get out of there.  Everything that is bought with a WIC card has to meet an itemized government nutritional guide. The cashier has to make sure every item meets those requirements.  That takes time.

WIC stands for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children.  WIC is a Federal assistance program for mothers meeting the Federal poverty requirements or found to be 185% below the poverty level. If a person is in other benefit programs or has a family member that is, they automatically meet eligibility requirements.  The cut off age is 5 years for children receiving this type of assistance.  As stated on Wikipedia, “Currently, WIC serves 53 percent of all infants born in the United States.”

I hate to add that this young woman did not appear to meet the Federal poverty requirements.  She was dressed nicely as was her baby.  She is white.  She was a talker in a happy sing-song way.  She seemed intelligent and gave off an appearance of being upper middle class.  Later I saw her getting into her car and driving away.  It was a recent model automobile in very good condition.  

I am not trying to imply this young mother is cheating the system over the truly needy.  If anything she is the face of contemporary poverty in 21st century America.  If 53% of babies born are receiving WIC, America is in trouble.  Some people I know are resentful of these people.  I am not.  The money is after all going to the needs of a child, an American child.  Better for the money to stay here than to enrich those that hates us.  And is not the first one I have encountered.  Not long ago I was behind a rather portly young mother with baby and it was taking so long I called over to a young man that works there and asked him to open a lane for me.  He did.  I got checked out, loaded my groceries in the pickup, put up the cart, walked a few stores down to get my lunch at the Chinese take-out.  And when I emerged from there with my Hunan chicken in hand, the mother was just loading her car up.  

So as I said, don’t get stuck behind the WIC card momma at the check-out line.  Unless of course you like reading the tabloids.  

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Conservative Talk Radio Games Its Listeners

“Like fake cheese in a mousetrap, Beck’s conservative facade has managed to steer an awakening conservative public back towards the black hole that the establishment media and political machines want them lost in.”
Jack Blood, Dead Line Live

It’s coming more apparent as one goes thru life learning things that our national media is a giant psyop.  Everything we are told is a lie.  If you take the time to do some digging you’ll find it out.  As Reagan’s CIA Director William Casey once said, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”  It worked.  It happened. Everything from World War II, the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, to the attacks of 9-11. 

Whether left or right, most of what comes out of media is false.  Conservatives dominate the radio airwaves and I listen to them the most.  Two I listen via the Internet is Alex Jones and Clyde Lewis.  Despite these two men being considered fringe broadcasters they produce some of the best, most useful and in-depth reporting.  In many ways Alex Jones is considered an outcast and is shunned by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the conservative fraternity, while openingly attacked and vilified by Glen Beck.  But his online news operation breaks stories.

It has been said by some that the main purpose of the conservative talkers is to keep the public from open revolt.  You can see that with Glen Beck’s constant call for Gandhi-style peaceful civil disobedience.  With the appalling amount of lawlessness taking place in government, the lack of checks and balances on executive power, the rise of militarized police, and the continuing loss of liberty, these are indeed troubling times.  This may well be the case since few mention the slow of creep of tyranny or what we are supposed to do other than vote the bums out.  Talker Mark Levin will, to a point, mention the existence of a “soft tyranny,” but that is about as far as it goes with this lot.  

Glen Beck is now promoting the Martin Luther King non-violence approach, apparently thinking this course of, “You’ll look bad beating me up,” will actually work.  It might in some countries but it did not work against Hitler, now did it?  I now view Beck as the controlled opposition.  He portrays himself as a conservative, but a tearful, sensitive one.  But something about him doesn’t seem quite right.  As if there is some self-loathing in this man’s soul.  He has had numerous verbal battles with Alex Jones who has in turn accused Beck of plagiarizing his news articles and says Beck suffers from jealousy.  Beck’s news site, The Blaze is nicely laid out with appealing graphics but the articles rarely get a mention on the Drudge Report.  Meanwhile, Jones’ Info Wars site gets a link posted on Drudge just about every day.  It must irk Beck with the amount of hostility he send’s Jone’s way, at one point calling Alex a “piece of human garbage.”  But Beck’s Blaze is just a bunching of articles seen elsewhere with catchy titles that fail to state what the stories are about.  He has few reporters out digging stuff up like Jones does.

Franken ad on The Blaze
Original screen capture, 1.24.13

From January to February of 2013 Glen Beck's The Blaze website ran this ad from liberal Senator Al Franken attacking Citizens United, a conservative lobbying group.  Why would Beck run such an ad on a conservative leaning website?

Another disturbing trait of Beck is his statements about his Mormon faith and Christianity.  Beck describes himself as a Christian.  But Mormons believe in their theology, that Satan and Jesus are brothers.  This is of course Blasphemy 101 for any Bible believing Christian.  The Bible is clear that Christ is not a created Being while Satan is.  Beck was recently invited to speak at the Baptist college, Liberty University. Beck told the gathering at a convocation ceremony that “I share your faith” and referring to Mormonism as a “different denomination” in mainstream Christianity.  That is not true. Mormonism rejects or contradicts many basic Christian doctrines such as salvation by the free gift of Grace and not by works, that Jesus physically rose from the dead, they reject Monotheism, they believe God is an exalted man of flesh and bone, that all must stand before Joseph Smith at the Judgement, and many other Biblical creeds.  Beck then goes on to say that the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith was a martyr.  This is standard Mormon nonsense.  Smith was killed in a gunfight in which Smith killed two men.  A true martyr lays down his or her life without violence towards others.  Beck’s comment is absurd.  

Glen Beck is simply not being honest here, another reason to be wary of trusting him as real conservative.  And Liberty University practiced poor judgement in inviting him to speak.

Clyde Lewis, mentioned earlier, really doesn’t do conservative talk. He is a new favorite of mine since I can’t determine what his political views are.  Clyde doubts the official version of events we are told and I admire him for that too. Lewis is all over the board with subject matter, from conspiracy, politics and the supernatural, to UFOs.  Callers get a real conversation with him instead of a sound bite and while genial, he does seem to get his back up with people that disagree with him or criticize him.  Nevertheless, he covers topics that nobody else tackles. 

One fascinating show involved the FOX freelancer on the streets of New York the day of the 9-11 attacks.  The freelancer, Mark Walsh was telling a reporter on the street that first building collapse was due to the tremendous heat melting the steel supports.  Sound familiar?  There you have what will become the official explanation of what happened that day, before any investigation was launched.  How would Walsh know?  So that narrative is established within a few hours of the attacks.  Fast forward to November of 2013 and a shooting occurs in the Los Angles airport.  One witness appears by the name of Nick Pugh. Lewis plays the audio of both men talking, side by side.  They both sound alike because they are both the same person and each looks similar in Youtube videos.  What a hoot!   This is how we are all being played.  For suckers.

The Know More Than They Tell Us
Take the billionaire Koch brothers, Charles and David.  The are vilified and hated by the liberals and Democrats.  In reality, the Koch brothers fund both sides.  As investigative reporter Greg Palast has pointed out on Ground Zero, during the Clinton/Dole presidential campaign, the Koch’s gave Bill and Bob $100,000 a piece.  Dole got caught and had to return his money.  Clinton didn’t and kept his.  The fact that the Koch’s play both sides is information you’ll never hear Limbaugh, Hannity, or any mainstream right-wing talker.  But Alex Jones will.  If Jones knows, surely Limbaugh, a major Koch defender, does as well. Knowing this, we can see how important information can be covered up so the left/right narrative plays out.

However, the Democrats continue playing the public for suckers as Senator Harry Reid says on his web site that Republicans are “addicted to Koch” (pronounced Coke). if the Democrat Party is not.  

Drudge Report a Source...World Net Daily Is Not
All on-air conservatives, Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity, Beck, and so on avoid World Net Daily ( like the plague. WND was founded by journalist Joseph Farah in the late 1990s as a conservative online news web site.  The site has been highly successful and now hosts a knowledgeable group of columnists.  

I don’t know when any of the conservative talkers have ever made mention of the site or used one of their articles as a talking point.  Certainly not like they do a host of article links on The Drudge Report.  While Rush may brag he’s doing show prep for the mainstream media, The Drudge Report stands as the show prep for all of conservative talk radio–including Rush.  That is why there is a boring sameness from show to show.  They take the Drudge article links, discuss them and have callers join in the fray. Rinse. Repeat.  All day long.

But a link from World Net Daily?  Forget about it.  And Joseph Farah is a leading member of online news reporting, a pioneer in fact.  His name never rates a mention.  He might as was well be a leper to them.

It may well be the subjects they investigate that are too hot to handle such as the controversy over Obama’s birth certificate.  

The Birth Certificate
Probably one of the greatest controversies of the early Barak Obama presidency involves his eligibly to run for high office.  Early on he set up a PAC to funnel money to lawyers to make sure a divergent batch of files on Obama’s background would never see the light of day.  Not only does this include his birth certificate but educational records, passport records and so forth. Obviously it looks suspicious to spend millions of dollars fending off legal challenges to keep one’s birth records from release.  Who does such a thing? Eventually up to three birth certificates were released and there are serious problems with all of them.  

Those people who looked into this issue were labeled “Birthers” by Obama supporters who are basically made up of the mainstream press and various pro-Obama, mostly liberal bloggers.  WND ran a lot of articles from the research of Dr. Jerome Corsi who later published a book on the subject called, Where is the Birth Certificate?

All of the conservatives on the talk radio never touched this birth certificate issue.  If they had, some real hay could have been made with it.  With an army of media sources to ridicule any critic as a Birther, Limbaugh and gang ignored it as did the so-called conservative FOX News channel.  This issue might not be cast into fringe research channels and might have really taken off, if they had the guts to tackle the issue.  Fortunately, Joseph Farah published the ongoing research from Jerome Corsi at WND and I think that is why he is treated as a pariah by his fellow conservatives to this day.  The only radio show that will have him on is Alex Jones.  It’s all similar to the issue of Obama being a Muslim.  There is plenty of evidence for it but right wing radio hosts will cut off any caller that broaches the subject.

However there are some serious issues at play that CNN and other outlets should have pursued rather than portray the whole mess like one big pot of kookiness.  Just look into it and there are many serious issues here.  One stunning event occurred in 2008 just before the president election when Brian Schatz, a Democrat party official who would not sign off on Obama’s eligibility form to run in Hawaii.  As Douglass Vogt uncovered in his research the short-form birth certificate had two errors–the wrong date of issuance and a stolen certificate number.  This birth certificate is a fraud and Schatz must have known that. The false certificate number is evidence of a felony having occurred.  The subject was bumped up to Democrat party central committee and it was finally signed off on by none other, than the then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. If we had a real investigative press in this country this would have been exposed. The only place it is will be is on the Internet.

In many ways the talk radio broadcasters aid and abet President Obama just as much as his allies at MSNBC do.  Sure, they document a host of scandals but the really damning, illegal activities, some of which are really far-out, are ignored.  

Addendum  5.13.14
Today on Glen Beck’s show he mentioned meeting Al Franken.  He was amazed that Senator Franken was a different man from his public persona of being a sarcastic wise guy.  Beck described him as serious and quiet in person.

That’s all nice but as mentioned above, Beck ran ads for Senator Franken attacking Citizens United, a conservative lobbying group, on his Blaze news page in early 2013.  So is Glen Beck a real conservative or just playing one on the radio?  Of course he makes no mention of taking Franken’s ad money. 

Odd, but much is odd about Glen Beck.


Dems hating Koch brothers

Clyde Lewis, Ground Zero Media radio archives (MP3)

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Douglass Vogt website and documentation

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Ghillie Suits Are Here

Check out the video of yet another blur between law enforcement and the military. Really gentlemen, do you need woodland camo for urban areas?  Click picture below to view police training video.