Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Osama, We Hardly Knew Ye...

“Madmen in power always need a fictitious ‘evil’ enemy to keep the game of war going, and keep the money flowing. Government is only able to grow and become more powerful by scaring the people about an outside enemy that is almost always manufactured and hyped by the government itself.”
Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
“History would be something extraordinary, if only it were true.” – Tolstoy

I’ll give the the group that bumped off JFK one thing–at least they stuck to their story, flawed though it is, down through the decades.  With the gangland style hit on Osama Bin Ladin the official story has changed so many times one can’t help to question what is going on with it.  Well, for those of us that still practice critical thinking.   

By now, we all are familiar with the yarn.  First there was a big shoot-out at the OK Corral.  Nope, there was only one guy shooting who was easily dispatched, along with two other men.  For such a high profile guy, not much of a security force.  Then the Boogie Man was using women as human shields and they were killed. Oops!  No he wasn’t–only two women were allegedly wounded.  We were told Bin Ladin was shot in resistance.  No, he was shot in the head execution style instead.  His glorious mansion turned out to be a rundown, nondescript, three story cinder block building. His neighbors had no idea he was living there.  Much later we will find out that the burial at sea, attended to according to Muslim tradition is not really a tradition at all and was witnessed by not a single sailor onboard the ship the body was allegedly on.

Not only were the 9/11 attacks one of the most tragic events in American history it was also one of the weirdest.  There is so much going on with it, after a while the mind dulls to the relentless onslaught of particulars, each fact building on another to a huge pyramid of anomalies and seemingly unthinkable incidents.  Everything from cell phones working at over 30,000 feet (impossible) to half a million tons of concrete and steel crashing to the ground with little notice on seismographic markers, the afore mentioned steel frame turning to dust, to the put options being placed on airline stock of the exact hijacked airliners where a reported $100 million dollars were made, the evidence of the transaction located on the hard drives of the computers located in the Twin Towers.  This rolling wreck never seems to stop tumbling.  

I’ve always been fascinated with how quickly they pinned this ghastly crime on Bin Ladin and al-Qaeda within a few hours of the attacks before any investigation started, before the smoke cleared.  And nothing ever changed from that day forward, no matter how much investigating they did.  Years later, when the 9/11 Commission issued it’s report, it was the same story unchanged from the day the tragedy occurred.  The end result was–he’s guilty–that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.  This is similar to Lee Oswald being apprehended within an hour of the assassination with the crime accredited to him which never changed either.  In fact, a signed Dallas Police affidavit lists Oswald as President Kennedy and officer J. D. Tippit’s killer, dated at 1:40 PM that day.  How is that for innocent till proven guilty?

The Beginning of a Legend

At first, Bin Ladin was defined at the mastermind of the attacks.  But as investigative journalist Peter Lance uncovered, the mastermind is really Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. (And there is some weird stuff on this guy.  It was widely reported that KSM was killed in a gun fight with the Pakistani ISI on 9/11/02.  Then he comes back from the dead to be captured after another gun battle in 2003, some six months later.)  However, even in recent years, Osama Bin Ladin is still listed in some recently published books as the mastermind.  Even the movie, Zero Dark Thirty continues in this vein (See a good review HERE).  Some parts of this altered reality never change and keep chugging right along.  

The government’s interaction with Bin Ladin is a long and sorted affair.  Born into the wealthy Bin Ladin family that made their fortune in construction (which ironically included work on the Twin Towers), he later went on to fight the Russians in Afghanistan with the CIA supported Mujahideen.  Gradually he turned against the United States, fearing it was trying to take over the Mideast, and also for its support of Israel.  He became involved with numerous acts of terror throughout the 1990’s directed mainly at the United States.

It begins to get hard to tell what is real and what is not here.  For example, when Bin Ladin was alive he was on the FBI’s most wanted list for a litany of crimes.  However, the 9/11 attacks was not listed as one of those crimes.  Ed Haas, a writer for The Muckraker Report asked FBI official Rex Tomb about that and was told there was no evidence linking Osama Bin Ladin to the crime.  Tomb gave the example that a federal grand jury had indicted Bin Ladin for embassy bombing in 1998.  Evidently, they never did gather any evidence to connect Bin Ladin to the 9/11 attacks. Hence, no mention of the 9/11 crime on their 10 Most Wanted list. If there is no evidence then where is the justification for invading Afghanistan?  Or for that matter, the need to send in a Navy Seal Team to assassinate him years later?  Apparently, some other authority did deem him guilty enough or else this is just one massive behind the scenes machination with the rest of us in the dark.

It could also be a blurring of the lines between portraying a perpetrator as a criminal or as an enemy combatant.  

But other things are wrong too.  Now scrubbed off the FBI’s web site is the reference to Bin Ladin being left handed.  Notice the following picture of Bin Ladin signing a document with his right hand.

Obviously, the FBI should know better than this.  If a guy sitting at his computer surfing the Internet can easily find the discrepancy then they know what is going on.  And I think they do.  Sometimes information is released they know is wrong just to get tongues wagging.  It’s a distraction and it has a tendency to work.  It’s another reminder that the truth is concealed and so compartmentalized that who knows what the truth really is?  It’s all part of the general fiction being told and retold till it morphs into a reality of its own.  It reminds me of the many times the #2 al-Qaeda leader is killed.  It happens about every six months and has been going on for years.  Now really, who would want to be the #2 guy if his life expectancy is only going to be six months?  He’d better get insured!  It’s about as peculiar as hijacking a plane with a box cutter.  A box cutter has a slanted razor blade about an inch long.  You ever heard of anybody carjacking a car with such a thing?  Nope.  But the public is expected to believe this nonsense.

Sleep with the Fishes

By 2011 Osama Bin Ladin had evolved into a cartoon of his former self.  He was the all star boogie man on wanted posters with an enigma all of his own. Where was he and were did he spend his days?  He is missing for years and little is told to the public of his whereabouts.  

And then suddenly, on May 2, 2011 came the news flash–Osama Bin Ladin is declared dead, killed by Navy Seal Team Six.  Bravo!  We are ass kickers once again!  John Wayne salutes us from his heavenly abode.  Over on the winner’s side, the picture of President Obama, slumped in his chair looking petulant from having his golf outing interrupted, huddled with his cabinet watching the event live on TV.  We later find out this gathering was contrived as well with Secretary of State Clinton, her mouth agape in shock and awe.  A poor liar but a good actress it seems.

The fable ambles on.  They dumped the body in the sea.  The body is the prima facie evidence of what occurred–in other words, an irrefutable exhibit of fact.  Down through history when the mighty foe is slain, the body is always put on display.  Here, no such thing happens.  Even the death photos are ordered not to be revealed. 

Even more puzzling is that no autopsy was completed, or at least never admitted to.  Of course, if Bin Ladin was really killed in the manner they say, we know what he died of.  However, a documented and photographed autopsy forms a trail of evidence.  Evidence the government could use to prove their case, which as we found out, they have no desire to.  Evidently, the criminal enterprise that our government has become has grown so great in its hubris, that it no longer considers it necessary to prove anything.  So consumed with their own pride they ask the world to take their word on this.  The word of interminable liars.

When Che Guevara was captured Bolivian army even their authorities did an autopsy of Guevara’s remains which included fingerprints.They photographed him alive and photographed him dead.  Years afterward they even photographed a display of his bones.  They made sure the world knew they got the right guy.  Meanwhile, the government of the United States does not of this. For a major world superpower to transgress like this addresses the political nature of the undertaking and how much they need to conceal.  And what would that be?  Did the Boogie Man really die in December of 2001 as former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Dr. Steve Pieczenik said in an amazing series of disclosures in 2012 on the Alex Jones show?  Or did the Seals rush in and kill a doppelgänger?  That is, if they killed anything at all.  What we know of evidence in this affair is fuzzy and strains our notion of common sense.  I guess they learned their lesson with the 26 volumes of collected hearings and evidence the Warren Commission published.  Never again.  Because in those books are stored facts that contradict the Warren Report.

Health Issues Abound

An Egyptian newspaper published Osama Bin Ladin’s obituary in December of 2001.   Whatever happen to him, he was by all accounts suffering from stage five kidney disease, meaning kidney failure, requiring dialysis by July of 2001.  One can live a while having kidney dialysis done three times a week but it needs to be administered by heath care professionals and needs constant attention.  It’s not something a person ever recovers from and is the beginning of the end unless one gets a kidney transplant.  That, and ailing from Marfan syndrome, which is an inherited degenerative disease of the body’s connective tissues, would should have added to the shortening of Bin Ladin’s life.  The official story ignores these important details.  Most books written never mention Bin Ladin’s health issues such as these or any other health related matters.  Take note of how you never see Bin Ladin’s health mentioned in any TV news reports about him.

The Psyop That Never Ends

Did Osama Bin Ladin die on May 2, 2011?  I think not.  Where is the proof?  We have none.  As stated earlier, there is no autopsy, DNA evidence, photographs, basically nothing to verify what happened. Basically no official account, or for that matter, any popular books published on the event mention a single word in regards to Bin Ladin’s health problems. Of course, a cartoon never gets sick does it?  Documents supposedly taken from Bin Ladin’s residence, including letters and other correspondence have been published at the West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center.  Little of it is especially revealing and nothing of major operational importance.  It’s a bland read.  In the end, the only tangible proof is from various sources that Bin Ladin was in very bad health leading up to the September attacks and died soon thereafter.

Most likely there never be any independent verification or investigation of what happened.  There will be no grand jury impounded with the task to investigate further.  Our side will have our story and their side will have theirs.  

The truth is out there they say.  That is, if there is truth to be found in a mirage.  

Addendum - #1

Osama or Usama?  The first name swings back and forth.  All declassified government docs have him listed as Usama or UBL.  Notice that mostly everything in popular print has him as Osama.  In speeches by government types, both civilian and military, they pronounce his first name as Osama.  This is reminiscent of Lee Oswald’s SIG-201 file where his middle name is listed as “Henry” and not Harvey.  If Lee Henry Oswald is uncovered in any cable traffic the CIA would know there is a leaker in their midst–false information to find a mole.  

Likewise, the surname goes back and from Laden to Ladin. 

Addendum - #2

Beltane.  Some have suggested skullduggery or synchronicity with Bin Ladin’s death occurring on this ancient high holy day of Wiccans and Pagans.  But it ends on May 1.  Bin Ladin was allegedly killed on May 2.  

Addendum - #3

The box cutters.  It should be pointed out that the sole source of the box cutter story is Barbra Olson on Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon, originally based on two phone calls to her husband Solicitor General, Ted Olson.  Both calls were pitched by the FBI in the trial of the alleged 20th hijacker, Zacarias Moussaoui.  Two calls were tried, none connected they said.  Also, all of the calls made that day from the hijacked airliners were also tossed, except for two.  One of those being the famous Todd Beamer “let’s roll” call.  (Probably due to how useful that slogan was for directing public opinion towards war without end?)  So not only was the FBI calling their former boss Ted Olson a liar but all the family members, over 30 of them, that said they got calls from loved ones aboard the doomed planes as well.  An apparent ongoing mystery of what happened with the phone calls that day.  Remember, the two calls they said got through would be impossible to make if they used cell phones.  

Amazingly, print, TV, and online media till mention the box cutter phantasy as fact. 


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