Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Knuckle Dragger

Recent New York Times article documents President Obama's close relationship with CIA director Brennan...but not much is revealed.  

“The CIA is not a rogue organization."  John Brennan, CIA Director

Of course one should never judge a person by their looks but with men of power like John Brennan, but I can't help myself.  His raw looks complete with a thuggish, heavy brow, produce a mean appearance.  A man who looks like he was trained to kill with his bare hands.  Who knows?  Maybe he can.  But he had no trouble selecting people to be executed via drones in the Middle East.  When he was Obama's anti terrorism czar, he was placed in charge of drone killing and had a free hand to set up the kill list and then was granted authority to launch drone killings without needing presidential approval.  Remember that innocent people get killed in these attacks too.  He then in dubs this sort of targeting of people as a "disposition matrix."  Fancy, huh?  So maybe his mean looks are a good judgement of his character. 

Ironic that he would be in charge of so many Muslim deaths, his fellow Muslims, since Brennan is a follower of the Prophet too.  I imagine they don't like that.  I would also imagine there is price on that brutish head of his as well.

The Times piece, "Brennan Draws on Bond With Obama in Backing C.I.A.," by Peter Baker and Mark Mazzetti, relates a brief history of John Brennan's rise to the CIA director's job and how along the way he supposedly became "kindred spirits" with the president.  Actually, there is more background story on Brennan's rise and little of how he and Obama became such close together.  Other than an unnamed Obama aide calling them "kindred spirits" there is no substance to the assertion.  Absolutely nothing is mentioned of relevance to establish the claim.  

Perhaps because they left out the real reason why they are so close.  The real reason, as a good source told me, is that John Brennan is Barrack Obama's CIA handler.  And others have said this too.  Dr. Steve Pieczenik, the inspiration for the Jack Ryan character in a host of Tom Clancy novels due to his extensive foreign policy and  intelligence work, also said that Brennan was Obama's handler on the Alex Jones's Info Wars program.  Pieczenik goes even farther by calling Brennan a "professional liar" on his blog and pointing out that Brennan was the CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia at the time of the 1996 Khobar Tower bombing disaster that took the lives of 19 American Soldiers.  He was second in line after Director George Tenet at the time of the 9-11 attacks.  Brennan has had his share of stumbles in his career.  Not a sign of competence.  

However, one important point left out of the article could have bound Brennan and Obama closely together.  It was in 2008 when the two senators, Barak Obama and John McCane were running for president.  A mini scandal erupted when it was discovered that employees of contractors were digging into passport records of the two senators.  One such federal contractor was the Analysis Corporation.  Who was the CEO and president of this company?  None other than John Brennan.  His employee that got caught was not fired but reprimanded. So what was gong on here?  Was Brennan sending his people in to cleanse the Obama files for any embarrassing or damaging information?  Or digging up dirt on McCane?  Or both?  

So in the end, maybe they are not two peas in a pod, but more like a baby sitter protecting his baby.  They have a shared Muslim faith (when Brennan was sworn in as CIA Director he placed his hand on the Quran, not the Bible).  Obama’s affiliation with the Muslim faith is well known even if it is admitted by few.  There are many indications that Obama hails from a CIA family–namely his mother and maternal grandparents.  The passport scandal would serve to cover up anything Obama was doing in his past travels.  These two men may go back years together.  It would be newsworthy to see when they actually met.  Brennan spent many years in the Middle East; Obama has done his travels in that area of the world in the early 1980‘s.  Much will most likely be uncovered in the years that follow that may reveal more on this relationship.  But one thing is assured, it won't be from press outlets such as the New York Times.

Oh, and John.  You say the CIA is not a rogue organization?  Tell that to the other John.  The John your predecessors killed in Dealey Plaza in 1963.

Addendum - 12.17.14
The Analysis Corporation is now known as, Global Defense Technology & Systems, Inc.  It now a subsidiary of a British defense contractor, the Global Strategies Group.  

Addendum - 1.12.15
Washington Post (6/22/06)
The Analysis Corporation's advisory board also featured three CIA officers.  Former CIA Director George J. Tenet, former Chief Information officer Alan Wade, and former Intelligence Analyst, John P. Young.

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