Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ISIS Has A Web Site!

ISIS, portrayed as the barbarian hordes crossing the deserts of Iraq and conquering all in its wake, yet here is a web site for a contractor calling themselves ISIS.

From the site:

"ISIS is headquartered outside Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Our Washington D.C. office is located in the Ronald Reagan Building. We are dedicated to supporting our national defense and security departments, as well as government contractors and private business, with mission-critical services performed by highly skilled experts in their fields. ISIS professionals can be found working side by side with the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Government and Prime Contractors on the ground in such strategic environments as the Middle East." See Our Locations Map at the bottom of the page. 

Don't expect the MSM or many independent news sites on the Web to look into this one. Once again, what we are told is a lie. A psyop.