Monday, October 14, 2013

The Lonesome Death of Mariam Carey

The murder of Mariam Carey on the streets of the Capital reminds me of a chilling story a cousin once told me about sitting in a bar in Columbia when a death squad showed up and shot a patron at a table.  Another man, apparently an associate, rushed out the door but didn’t get far as he was gunned down in the street.  A truck came and they tossed the bodies in and off they went while someone else hosed the blood of the street.

And this is what America has become.  There is a mean spiritness creeping into all levels of government and law enforcement.  The sanctity of life which we all hold dear, is fading away into a cold death-stance of men who would be kings.  It’s as if the general public is the enemy and they are out to get even.  How dare that woman not stop her car when we told her to!

I was listening to a Clyde Lewis podcast today.  A caller gave a good analogy.  He said there was once a country where man killed some people and was chased by the police for a long time till his car ran out of gas.  They surrounded him and ordered him to get out.  He did so and was lead away for trial.  What was this country?  America.  It was the arrest of OJ Simpson.  What happened to that country?  Where did it go?

Indeed, where did it go?  We lost it.  And it’s been building for years with Barack Obama, probably one of the most corrupt and dangerous men ever to become President of the United States, as the open sponsor of the new meanness we see everywhere.  A man who early on, promised to punish his enemies and reward his friends.  That was not just a throw away line.  That should have sent a chill to everyone that loves liberty.  That is the words of a tyrant a man who feasts on the souls of others.

Mariam Carey’s public execution for blowing past a check-point is the same thing that would have happened in Nazi occupied Europe.  Yes, she should have stopped.  When a gun is drawn on you and you are ordered to halt by a police officer you’d better stop.  However, her actions that day are hard to fathom.  But most bothersome is the after-story; the defaming of her character, the releasing of medical records to further tar her as a person.  They say she was suffering from post-partum depression but her sisters say that she was over that and was off her medications as directed by her doctor.  

Brazenly, when the Carey family went to see the body they were shown a picture instead. They have yet receive the body.  Mariam’s baby is in some kind of federal custody and hasn’t been turned over the family either.  Where is the legal basis for this?  Just because they can?  

Another wild story to defame her character was that Mariam thought the President was talking to her in her thoughts.  However, her sister Valarie Carey said that Mariam, "did not believe the president or any government official was going to do her harm."  

Who do you want to believe?  The National Security State liars or Mariam’s family who knew her?  

The Civil Rights Players
So where is Rev. Al Sharpten, or Jessie Jackson, and other Civil Right’s figures in all of this?  A black woman is killed in cold blood, by a large group of white law enforcement agents, and never a peep out of them–any of them.  This happened earlier in the year with the burning death of former L.A. police office Chris Dorner, once again, by a group of white police officers.  

I think this shows who men like Sharpten and Jackson really serve.  Carey and Dorner are the untouchables, the throw-aways.  The Travon Martin types are safer and serve a greater political purpose.  

Operation Condor
Clyde Lewis did a show recently on Operation Condor, which was used by the CIA to destabilize leftist governments in Central and South America.  He chatted with several experts and there seems to be in his view, that we are approaching more of an Operation Condor situation than a Nazi takeover.  Please download the podcast listed below for this important show.  It’ll be worth your time.

I wonder who had the job to hose Mariam Carey’s blood off 2nd and Constitution?  

Clyde Lewis podcasts.  High recommended.

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