Thursday, January 10, 2013

Glen Beck Blasts Alex Jones

“1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms…”
Alex Jones

"That kind of vitriol, hatred, and zealotry is really quite scary. I didn't feel threatened by him, but I'm concerned that someone like him has that level of influence.”
Piers Morgan

“...Jones made a fool of himself, giving the left the perfect poster boy for their attempts to paint every logical conservative as an extremist nut job."
Glen Beck

“Jones is an agent provocateur, he wants a revolution. He won't be fighting in it, he'll be watching from his government safe-house.”
Chris Haywood

There is something about Glen Beck that just isn’t quite right.  It’s hard to place.  As if there is a sense of self loathing in the man.  Is he for real, or his whole gig a game?  A few years ago he did these promo shots crying for a magazine piece on him.  Strange.  The conservative radio talk-host turned television/internet entrepreneur is beehive of activity from starting his online news channel (branching to cable as well) to sponsoring and speaking at large outdoor “bring back America” rallies.  He seems to be interested in being a media titan with reality shows concept ideas and at last reporting, a theme park.  Beck had elevated his career to shows on CNN and FOX but they were both short lived.  Beck is no stranger to controversy and in recent years seems to revel in it.  Later in 2012 he started an uproar when he put a figure of President Obama in a jar of urine, calling it “Obama in Pee-pee” and putting it up for bid on eBay claiming it was art.  Where, it was promptly pulled.  Beck meanwhile, plays the role of innocent lamb in all of this nonsense. Of course something as silly as this will only generate publicity, tick a bunch of people off, and force eBay to pull it.  This incident has the taint of a contrived storm.  I think it was.  Beck has a bit of the agent provocateur in him and I don’t trust the man.

Meanwhile, rival Alex Jones, king of radio conspiracy advocates, claims Glen Beck is obsessed with him.  Jones claims Beck plagiarizes material off his Info Wars and Prison Planet web sites.  Even worse, Jones’ says that guests that appear on Beck’s shows are warned they won’t be back if they appear on Jone’s radio program.  He also claims when he get business ideas Beck lifts them too, such as Beck’s marketing of jeans made in America.  Jones said he had a similar idea but never got it to market.  This was not a coincidence to him.  Jones also thinks that Beck set him up over another phony controversy involving Agenda 21 ad, or what appeared to be an ad, on Beck’s The Blaze news web site.  A mention was made on Infowars and Beck used this to attack Jones on his radio show calling him a “piece of human garbage.”  Meanwhile. Alex thinks it was all a contrived.  I’m thinking it was since Beck is becoming such an oddball figure.  Remember the crying jags? 

It really exploded recently with Alex Jones’ appearance (1.7.13) on the Piers Morgan show on CNN.  Morgan, very British and very liberal took over Larry King’s spot on CNN.  His ratings haven’t been great, he has a dubious background involving being fired from a tabloid and a phone hacking scandal in England, and is notably against private ownership of guns.  So inviting Alex Jones on the show to discuss the issue was an invitation for fireworks and viewers got exactly that!  Jones, animated and bombastic as usual, beat on Morgan like baby seal, who sat there passively taking every hit.  This was quite a different Piers Morgan who aggressively interviewed Gun Owner’s of America, executive director Larry Pratt, of whom Morgan went after in such a rude and insulting manner as to endure the wrath of many gun owners and conservatives.  He called Pratt stupid to his face.  But with Jones he is very much the gentleman.

Glen Beck’s Rebuttal
Glen Beck, never missing an opportunity to take shots at Alex Jones, went after him the next day on his radio program.  Beck, who insists Jones is too insignificant to be paid attention to, went after Jones in a nasty, rambling, personal attack that should give Jones good ground a deformation lawsuit.  

Here is a brief list of things Beck called Jones:
  • A spooky guy
  • Another Van Jones
  • Not a conservative
  • A dishonest journalist (along with Piers Morgan)
  • A master of deceit
  • an extremist nut job
  • A Fascist
Not to be undone, the worst of the bunch is being called a Fascist.  Which is odd to say the least, as there is no evidence to support such a claim.  It’s nothing but an emotional outburst at this point.  Beck wants his audience to believe that Jones to be a kook, somebody not to be taken seriously, a raving madman, but Beck in his loony outburst could just easily find a room for himself in the same asylum.  To say this attack was “over the top” is an understatement.  It leads me to believe that maybe Jones is correct in that Beck has issues against him–jealously maybe?  Who knows, but it adds to my feelings that something is out of quilter about Glen Beck.  

And Glen Beck was not done.  To try and tarnish Jones’ credibility he went after Jones for reporting on his web sites that the DHS had purchased over a billion rounds of ammunition.  Beck actually doubts such a story.  However, it’s widely reported and the purchase order can be found on a government web site (see links below). It’s apparently a real thing that happened and should be a concern for all citizens of this country.  Beck will have none of it and by doing so, shows a disingenuous side of his character.  Glen Beck, so intent on trashing Jones, never bothered to fact check this affair,  simply ignored the facts and used it as a contrivance to stage his attacks.  And he has the nerve to call other people dishonest?  This shows to what extent he will go to assail an opponent. 

Finally, Glen Beck thinks Morgan gave Jones enough rope to hang himself with, which Morgan also stated, by allowing him to appear as the Bull in the China shop.  Beck also used his web site to further attack Jones the day of, and the day
after his appearance on CNN.

The Bulldog
Alex Jones does take an aggressive tack on everything.  He’s famous for using his bullhorn in public, his version of speaking truth to power.  But he’s also a talk radio pariah.  He’s too far out in Conspiracy Land for the well-known conservative radio hosts to get near.  He’s rarely rates a mention except from Glen Beck who basically slings insults.  Other than Beck, to the best of my knowledge, no mainstream conservative talk radio personality made any reference to Jones taking on Morgan such as he did.  Ironically, most of them use The Drudge Report for show prep and talking points and Jones’ appearance on CNN was documented with multiple links on Drudge’s site.  Anybody else and they would be applauding a good, two-fisted, spirited defense of the 2nd Amendment against a snooty, arrogant, Englishman. 

Did Alex Jones make law abiding gun owners look bad as some say?  It’s hard to tell at this juncture.  I find it amusing that Piers Morgan considers Jones to have a  “level of influence.”  I don't think he does.  There is after all, only one of him displaying this boisterous style.  Remember that Piers Morgan chewed up and spat out other gun right’s advocates and he knew he couldn’t handle Jones that way.  Is Alex Jones for real?  Or controlled opposition?  We shall see in the days ahead.  

Addendum 1/10/13
Glen Beck, who said that Alex Jones was "too insignificant" to trifle with is still after him.  On Beck's radio program this morning he spent a significant amount of time playing clips from Jones' program, picking every goofy thing he could find.  He and his side kicks (who are these guys?) yucked it up mocking Jones.   Beck is turning into a nasty, unlikeable figure in talk radio media.  That man that calls himself a Christian is hardly showing the love of Christ by this outbursts.  Jones is probably right–Beck has a strange obsession with him.  If he really is not important, why carry on like this?

Addendum 1/12/13
Beck still continues to take cheap shots at Alex Jones on his news site, The Blaze.  Once again, if Jones is so insignificant then why go on for so long like this?  Yep, he’s obsessed.  This time it was Jones talking about Beck at the Huffington Post.  There are however, Jones’ fans on there defending him in the comment section.  This could backfire.


Glenn Beck just wants to build dreams cities, like hitler did. They both have models of them. Glenn, Been watching/listening to you for near a decade. You Sir are becoming way too ego centrical. Alex stood upon the ground of the enemy and spoke out like Paul Revere while you and your team hides in the bunker. Yeah, thats right. I saw you on O’Rielly last night. You can’t even leave your studio. You have no boots on the ground. Alex and team send out people with cameras everyday while you guys hide and copy paste drudge postings. I can’t even stand watching you on GBTV anymore because all you talk about is what your going to do like build cities and stuff. Just talk the truth like you use too. Enough with the grand plans of being the media mogul. The fight is now and Alex is doing his part with handy-cams. I’ve seen your rigs you use to broadcast. $100,000 cameras mounted on $40,000 camera cranes. You’re too busy trying to look good than trying to do good. Enough of the Alex bashing and lets get this revolution 2.0 on!

A good point!  At least Jones has reporters on the ground at news events and is doing some hard reporting.  Beck’s news reporting is just gleaming content from around the web and passing it off as news reporting.


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