Monday, June 11, 2012

Andy Dean, The King of New Content?

Talk show hosts come and go but one that for me that is like the sound of listen to chalk screeching on a blackboard is Andy Dean.  Dean’s (real surname is Litinsky) on-air persona is one of a younger, thinner, cooler version of Rush Limbaugh with the same bombastic approach, only thoroughly more annoying. One radio promo goes, "Hi, I'm Andy Dean and I'm the smartest person I know."  Yeah Andy, in your dreams.  Apparently somebody in marketing though this annoying catch phrase would catch on with public.  So far it hasn't.  Dean can be heard in just over 50 radios stations nationwide including a late afternoon slot on Sirus-XM, channel 158.

One of Dean's more annoying traits is to constantly mock and refer to Libertarians as kooks.  Dean also takes great pride in lampooning Congressman Ron Paul for his Libertarian leanings.  The ironic thing is Dean's early career in radio included guest hosting for Neil Boortz, a noted Libertarian.  I guess they are all kooks till they supply you with a job, huh Andy?  Also, many conservatives and independents admire Ron Paul and during the 2012 President campaign, came in second only to the front runner, Mitt Romney.  That amounts to a lot of conservative and Republican support.  I consider him be one of the most honorable men to have served in the Congress.  I see nothing about him that would be considered kooky or crazy in any way.  Dr. Paul brought to the forefront issues that the people really care about whether they are conservative or not.  He's a true supporter of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as defined by our Founders.  I find Andy Dean's attacks quite offensive, unfair and hypocritical.

When Mr. Litinsky lays waste to a good man's character like Dr. Paul, he shows that he's a tool of the hierarharcy of the GOP and not of real conservatives or the  average person of the middle-class.  (Regardless, the status quo of the GOP is made up of wealthy elitists, the CFR and Bohemian Grove types.) Dean's Republicanism is of the old guard, fat cat variety–not the people of the Heartland who quickly embraced Ron Paul's Constitutional principles of less governmental intrusion, less taxes, states rights and of course, liberty.

The King of New Content
That's Andy Dean's slogan.  It is a mystery as well.  What new content?  There is nothing new here at all.  Just limousine Republicanism from a young, condescending, Harvard grad.  He hosts a radio show and has a Face Book page.  Big deal.  If you scour the internet and radio media you will see that nobody does "new content" better than Alex Jones via his Infowars and Prison Planet websites (and heard on Sirius-XM channel 166).  While Jones gets into some very far-out conspiracy stuff, he has always been on the cutting edge of new tech, media and news events.  He has an informed cast of weekly guest experts for his radio program and a long string of free lancers reporting at leading news events, using a variety of wireless technology broadcasting audio and video live online.

When I first listened to Rush Limbaugh years ago the first thing I noticed was what a difference there was regarding the news stories he reported compared to a near black-out of the same stories from the mainstream media.  Now I listen to Alex Jones and get the same difference in reportage compared to what Limbaugh covers.

Andy Dean offers nothing of substance that one would consider cutting edge by comparison.  He's too old media.  Even Glen Beck has a better reach than this guy (and Dean has taken some shots at him too–one caller asked why?–Dean joked how he was jealous of Beck's success–maybe that wasn't such a joke after all).  He reminds me of Jay, Dave and Conan on late night TV.  They all basically are doing the same format of the Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.   But none of them are Johnny Carson or come close to him.  They don't have the charisma that Johnny had.  Andy Dean does the same.  He offers the same old thing in a newer package, but a package that looks like it just landed from 1995.

Perhaps "The New King of GOP Water Boys" would make a better slogan.

Odd Man Out
Apparently Andy Dean enjoys being the odd man out.  He supports issues that I can't imagine his conservative audience being for and he seems to take great relish in following this tack.  For example, he thinks the TSA is doing a fine job at keeping us safe.  He also said on show broadcast 5/15/12 that he thinks it’s good for people to feel uncomfortable going through airport security as reminder of what the country went through on 9-11.  Disgraceful.  Apparently Dean doesn't fly that much because if he did, he would know better.  Everybody recognizes what a joke the TSA is, how thuggish and rude they are to the public and how often their members are being reprimanded for various offenses, with some arrested for criminal acts.  Nobody respects these people.  Except you-know-who.

Here is a quote from him on his show's blog (5/15/12 – since removed):

"I mean if people think it's intrusive, what happens in an airport, just picture yourself on American Airlines Flight 11 or United 175 or Flight 93 or Flight 77, and then you'll understand what 'intrusive' is."

Hey guess what?  100% of all suicided hijackers, 100% of all shoe bombers and 100% of all underwear bombers are Muslim males.  The people getting hassled in the airports don't fit this known category of terrorists.  No, they won't do what the Isrealis rightfully do, profile the main propents of terrorism.  Since race politics rules in the USA why not just make us all criminal suspects?  And that is what has been done, from the smallest baby to the oldest adult.  No 85 year old grandma is ever going to hijack a commercial aircraft and its silly to think so.  And this is what disgusts people.  Airport security has been called "Security Theater" and deservebly so.  Just how many terrorists has the TSA caught?  Absolutly none.  Dean shows himself an ass kisser of the status quo, which apparently, he's very good at.

Being controversial is a good way to draw in ratings.  But ticking off your audience by taking offbeat positions on issues that effect people adversly is not a way of enduring yourself to them.  Despite what your opinion of Rush Limbaugh might be, he always given credit to his audience and their ability to hang in there with him for over 20 years of broadcasting.  Dean’s approach to his audience is ambivalent and at times, rude and impatient to callers.  (And by the way, who would want to call in to one of these shows?)

With Andy Dean Litinsky the bluster wears thin.  Nothing worse than a precocious   child that brags and can’t deliver.  Unless he backs off of the annoying bits of his routine and really strikes out to be original, he’ll just be another mouth in a sea of them, all mimicking the same dull-witted party line.